Cloudless Studio

One-man programming venture by Karol Słuszniak

Karol Słuszniak

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer with a history.

Involved in Phoenix, React and Chef.

Truly passionate about the web.

Let me show you.


I'm most passionate about engineering and coding modern web servers, the brains of the Internet.

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Ruby language and Rails framework are my main, battle-proven tools for rapid development of websites, APIs and prototypes of varying size. With thousands of gems, tools and services at hand, plus a wonderful and healthy open source community, it's hard to go wrong with Rails.

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Phoenix framework, built on top of Erlang and Elixir, is a cutting-edge answer to many limitations of other web technologies. With it, I aim to maximize performance, uptime and real-time scalability of implemented servers, while keeping the code expressive and beautiful.

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Data stores that I'm taking advantage of and mixing together in my everyday server-side development include PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch and Firebase. For every project, it's most crucial for me to use past experiences to judge the right mix.


As a true full stack developer, I look at the whole picture and craft the whole package.

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Modern JavaScript programming is better than ever with ES6, ESLint and the NPM ecosystem. From custom components and dynamic widgets to complete single page applications - I can do it all, and I've done it all, both in vanilla JavaScript or using various frameworks.

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My preferable JS environment is ESLint-ed, ES6-enabled plain JavaScript with React, jQuery and Underscore to fill the gaps in component writing, DOM operations and utils, respectively. I also use Ember for single page JS apps (SPA). I can go with Angular and Meteor, too.

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Completing my full stack toolbelt, CSS writing is something that I enjoy as well, especially with a help of Sass or Stylus. Besides basic styling, I use (and know the subtleties of) box-sizing, various size units, media queries, animations, transforms, filters and the flexbox.


I turn code into working business with collaboration, QA, deployment and optimization.

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Knowing how to push to Heroku (which I do too) isn't enough to handle web development well. I know my way around web servers enough to author provisioning and deployment solutions in Chef and to successfully host multiple client and personal Rails/Node apps using those.

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Working in a team and leading one is a breeze with proper workflow of modern tools. I'm using GitHub for managing and reviewing Pull Requests, Code Climate and CI as QA assistants, Trello for managing sprints and Slack for daily talk. I'm also familiar with BitBucket and Jira.

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I believe that running and understanding analytics is a key to having healthy and reliable production. This includes New Relic, PostgreSQL metrics, Logentries or Google Analytics. When properly used, these tools allow to minimize downtimes and react fast when in trouble.