• Chef
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node
  • Phoenix

Chef cookbook that allows to run one or more Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Node, Meteor or Middleman applications on single server with databases, backup and more. It’s targeted at VPS and dedicated servers that run CentOS Linux.

  • Support for variety of app stacks
  • Documentation for non-Chef users
  • Complete CentOS feature test suite


  • Node
  • Angular
  • Sass
  • JavaScript

Videku allows to watch a movie from the internet or file right in the browser. Handy subtitle search allows to fetch captions in any language. Built-in voice lector can read subtitles during the playback. Remote control lets control the player from the phone.

  • Web Speech API as subtitle reader
  • Firebase API for real-time sync
  • OpenSubtitles API for client-side subtitles
  • Custom subtitle parsers for most formats
  • Hand-crafted design