• Ember
  • JavaScript

Client-side app for finding online auctions using advanced, cascading filter system. The app consumes data from external API which prepares and caches the results. Separate module allows returning users to manage their favourite searches.

  • Facebook auth within Ember
  • 2-factor auth for admin panel


  • Ember
  • JavaScript

Client-side app for browsing legal acts served via existing API. Includes powerful full-text search and document section reference system. Implemented in Ember and Ember Data.

  • Custom ember-data adapter
  • Massive structured document rendering
  • SEO-friendly access for SPA


  • Ember
  • Sass
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript

Multimedia postcard single page app written in Ember and supported by Rails API. It allows to create postcards with textual, graphical, audio and geospatial content. It features unique responsive design, direct S3 uploads and a dedicated admin panel.

  • Google Maps, SoundCloud & AWS APIs
  • Secure Ember/Rails S3 file uploads
  • Custom SPA flow design (menu, transitions)